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Our Services:
Understanding the financial health of your company is important no
matter what the company's size. Small and startup companies need
accounting support in a special way so owners can concentrate on
what they do best. Brookvale Associates works with you to provide the
level of accounting help you need.
Our Mission:
Brookvale Associates provides Accounting and administrative services
for small and startup companies.
Here are a few of the services we provide:
Financial Statements                      Bank Reconciliation
Bookkeeping and payroll                 New Business Start-up
General Ledger                               QuickBooks Consultant

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Doug Reid          Principal
After many years as a controller and CFO
for small companies, Doug Reid founded
Brookvale Associates to help companies
that need accounting help but don't have
a need for someone full-time.
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Timely Tip:

Employers: The I-9 form has changed. Make sure you have the correct
one completed for all your employees.